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Popeye At 99%!!!!



Easy Combo System

New Easy Selection changes most specials commands to double tap of any button, and two button supers. Chain combo requirements are the same, but requires less button changes. Expl. pressing x,x,x gives you jab,medium, fierce.


Download Popeye ver. 100



Please send bug/Infinite reports to me so they can be fixed right away!

"Shout Out"

 Popeye All-Pro List

Daniel Tatro: Goon clone & Spinach clone (Goon coding re-done/ fixed, spinach glitch/ temp. fix)

Calypso : various feedback

Eirik Wilhelmsen : balloon clone glitch (added temp clone killer 5/27/2007)


If I missed ya hit me up and I'll jot ya in. DDR