All music, programming, and artwork on these pages were created by Derrick Rowell.

Enjoy and Peace!!!

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Gamertag: TELECHY911

SMM T.E. Ver. 2 Download

This game is in beta form!!!

Please submit all infinites and game breakers to me

so that I can fix in next updates.

Submitters will be recognized in the credits. Thanks!


'Advantage Code' of the week!!!

(New) Sho Nuff (Raw) : At mode select menu pre-fight: U, U, D, U


Sho Nuff (Advt. round) : At mode select menu pre-fight: D, D, U, D,D,




















Saturday Morn'in Mayhem D.O.Z.B.O.M.

Click On Your Hero For Moves List/Download!!!

Hidden Character!!!


SMM ver. 98 Vid!!!




(Joy Stick or keyboard play.)


Saturday Mornin Mayhem Trademark Character!


(Learn her Fiery, download ver. 98!)


Momasusta's gonna get ya!

Be very afraid....



Hope everyone's still enjoying my creations, and I want peeps to know, there is much more to come! Sweet surprises are on the way, especially when the final game is completely wrapped up(soon).

For any personal characters that people want created and are willing to compensate for the time and work put in, I'm open to all offers. Just email me and we can discuss the details.

All programming, sprite creation, and music on these pages were created by me D.D.R. for the main purpose of having fun.......So, do it.


Derrick D. Rowell

I really appreciate the love for my work peeps!



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